Софтуерно Тестване

Business Logic Testing & Model-Based Testing

  • Business logic
  • Cause-Effect graphs and Decision Tables
  • Use Decision Tables to model business logic
  • Deriving test cases from decision tables
  • Combine domain techniques with business logic techniques
  • Software system state
  • Model-Based testing
  • Identify States, Events, and Actions
  • Using diagrams to model system state
  • Derive test cases from state transition diagram(metaphor)
  • Demo with GraphWalker
  • Questions
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Назад към Софтуерно Тестване
Александър Карамфилов
Role : Лектор & Co-Founder
  • Website : http://karamfilov.com
  • Experience : 7+ години
  • Specialist in : софтуерното тестване и QA
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